Solar Screens Overview

Control your climate whatever the weather.

Solar shades gives you control over the relentless sun. They can be automatically controlled by sun and wind sensors to cast shade when it is sunny and roll up when it is dark or windy. They offer you virtually distortion free visibility while blocking out heat and damaging UV rays. Our solar shades will enhance any architecture.

  • Eliminates up to 95% of solar effects
  • Undistorted visibility
  • Reduce energy costs up to 60%
  • Available with automatic controls
  • Your choice of 86% or 95% density fabric
  • Interior or exterior applications

Our Somfy brand tubular motors can be integrated into our retractable solar shades. The motor is hidden inside the shade and out of sight. It can be controlled with a wall switch or remote control. Options include sun sensor, timer and wind sensor controls.


  • Energy Efficiency
  • Privacy
  • Fade Protection
  • Beauty
  • Value


Solar screen block process

The sun rays are powerful. Many are directly reflected off of the solar screen.
Light is blocked by the screen and heat is absorbed before anything gets to the window.

The light that makes it through your window is less powerful. Less ligh means less need for your air conditioning, les furniture fading, and less discomfort and glare.