Protective Shutters Overview – Security Shutters

Provide the perfect protection for your windows.


  • Protection
  • Security Blinds Rolling Shutters
  • Energy Efficiency Metal Shutters
  • Privacy Roll Shutters
  • Total Light Control

We make it easier than ever to control the temperature level of your home, at the touch of a button. Keep it cool and shady under the hot summer sun or toasty warm all winter long. Prevent your expensive rugs, drapes and furniture, indoors and out, on a balcony or lanai, from fading in the glare of the sun.

Enjoy Privacy, peace and quiet in any room, plus protection for every room, with the security that only rolling shutters can offer. Safeguard your valuable possessions, and your even more precious family, from any unwanted intrusion. Do it all with fingertip controls or timers programmed to your own schedule when motorized.

Rolling shutters repay you in so many ways, with peace of mind, savings on summer cooling costs, and winter heating bills, furnishings that last, rather than fading in a few years. The handsome designs add to the exterior beauty and overall value of your home. Motorized Rolling Shutters are as economical as they are easy to operate.

We also offer push-button controls to raise or lower any shutter, or any group of shutters, anywhere on your home, any way you choose, plus wind and sun sensors for automatic protection in areas subject to severe weather changes, whether or not you’re home.


Courtesy of Somfy
Forget hauling your shutters up and down with hand cranks or straps. Forget having to rush home to operate your shutters. Instead, choose an advanced shutter motor with electronic, pre-programmed controls and maximize the protection Rolling Shutters provide for your home, furnishings and family.

Electronic controls and motors power your Rolling Shutters automatically, giving you comfort, protection and all the ease of push-button control!