PSS makes your life easier by giving you finger-tip control to raise and lower shutters of any size with the utmost ease, or to control several shutters – even a whole house full of them – from a single push-button switch, or a radio remote control transmitter.

PSS Advice

Rolling shutters provide a two-way thermal barrier for your windows and doors to shield out the heat and cold.

They reduce heat gain and air conditioning costs in the summer and keep out the cold to reduce heating costs in the winter. You can save even more, because motorized rolling shutters help protect your carpet and furniture from sun fading – indoors or out, on a balcony or lanai. So you can decorate as you desire and everything will remain bright and beautiful year after year.

Pure RTS Transmitter
Now you can add protection, privacy, and insulation to your home at the touch of a button. Motorized rolling shutters provide an instant “safety shield” to the exterior windows and doors of your home when you desire and conveniently roll up out of sight when not in use.