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Advantages of Shutter Screens Over Traditional Curtains

Shutters or curtains; which are the best window solution for my house? Many homeowners have faced this dilemma at least once. While traditional curtains have been the go-to interior décor solution, modern shutters are fast taking over the industry. In fact, some interior designers are saying that curtains are outdated and shutters are the future. So, what are the advantages of shutter screens over curtains?

Looking for a long-lasting option?

Unlike curtains which wear out within a few years, shutter screens can last up to 20 years and still look good. If you don’t want to keep thinking about buying new curtains every year, choose shutters and they will serve you for generations to come. Most people choose curtains because they are cheaper but the cost of maintenance and changing them every few years is more than the cost of installing shutter screens once.

Want to regulate your home temperatures?

Energy bills can be pretty high if you are relying on your HVAC unit to heat and cool the house all year long. While very thick curtains can act as insulation when it’s cold, shutter screens offer more insulation and can help the house to remain warm during the cold season. During summer, you can just open up the louvers and let some air in to cool the house down.

Why not allow light and protect your furniture?

Light is very important especially during the day. However, you do not want to allow in light at the expense of your furniture. You have to open up curtains to get in some light meaning you will also be allowing in direct rays of sunlight to your house that cause your furniture to fade. On the other hand, shutter screens allow in light all day long whether they are open or closed and they keep the sunrays off your furniture. Even if you have to open the louvers, you can put them in an angle where the sunrays won’t be able to come inside.

Want to reduce the maintenance hassle?

Maintaining curtains is hard work because they collect all sorts of dust and moisture from the environment. You have to take down the curtains every now and then to clean them and some require dry cleaning before putting them up again. Shutter screens require little to no maintenance because they are made of composite materials that do not collect or absorb dust so you can just wipe them or use a dust brush to remove some dust if you have to. Shutters also come in different materials that can be painted so you can change the color scheme of your house as often as you want without taking down the windows treatment.

Indeed, traditional curtains have come a long way over the years and designers are making them more beautiful and elegant than ever. However, shutter screens are slowly taking over in window treatments as they provide versatility, elegance and convenience. If you have professionals install the shutters for you, you can enjoy the benefits for many years.