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Home and Business owners, protect your biggest investment.

PSS better known as PSS Protective Shutter Specialists,  was originally in opened 1972. The business was purchased by the current owner in 2000. Since that time, we have serviced over 20,000 customers, with Security Shutters, Awnings and Solar Shades and…….. we’re still going strong.  We accommodate both Residential and Commercial customers in Los Angeles and surrounding areas, and depending on the project, will consider working in the outlying areas.  We have several craftsman on our team to insure  the highest quality work, with the highest quality materials,  in minimal time. We do not charge by the hour.
Because we manufacture our own products we can custom fit them to almost any configuration of window or door. We also install them in malls, kiosks, post office box stores, restaurants , banks and even on garages.

We NOT ONLY service items purchased from us, but we also offer, and in most cases are able to service products manufactured by other companies as well.
Our crews have received training using several manufacturers standards and parts, in order for us to work on most items whether they be security shutters, awnings or solar shades. The only motors that we use with our products are manufactured by SOMFY, the leading motor manufacturer of this type in the U.S

We do not charge for estimates, and appointments are scheduled as soon as possible to fit your schedule and convenience..We give estimates on all our products –  Security Shutters (manual & electric) , Awnings, stationary, retractable, manual and  electronic, as well as Retractable Solar Screens.

Save yourself both time and money,
To receive a verbal quote rather than opting for an appointment for an estimate on our items, if you feel you can provide what we’d like to think of as accurate measurements of the openings you wish to cover, we can give you a rough estimate right over the phone.

Because we manufacture our own products, we are able to offer pricing that eliminates a salesman or distributor and our Service is direct and priced accordingly.

19523 Business Center Drive,
Northridge, CA 91324
Ph:  818-341-5772    FAX:  818-341-5799
e-mail: pss@protectiveshuttersspecialists.com

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